Journey to Faith

Journey to Faith
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The First Snow

It's saturday afternoon, and I have finally settled myself enough to sit down and write. Tea cup in hand, I gaze out my window as the first snow of the year softly covers the rooftops and trees with cottony white flakes. Despite all the hustle and bustle and frenzy as Christmas and the end of the year approach, there is a quiet peacefulness and joy in my heart.

The snow reminds me of several things. First, to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Second, that although there is much sin, pain, and filth in the world, God's grace, mercy, and forgiveness can cover it all. And lastly, the snow reminds me of how God sees me because of Jesus - pure, white, and beloved. As the old hymn goes, "The blood of Jesus washed me white as snow."

Today, no matter what your circumstances, let your hearts be filled with peace and joy. Let's make a choice to follow Jesus by accepting God's mercy, forgiveness, and grace in our lives and then let's be Jesus to someone today. Joy to the world - the Lord has come!