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Journey to Faith
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

It's almost the end of August and many kids are headed back to school. It's a yearly time of transition that can be both stressful and exciting for students and parents alike. Each has their own set of concerns to deal with as a new school year approaches.

As a working parent, the beginning of a new school year was always hectic for me. I loved shopping for school supplies, new shoes, soccer cleats, lunchboxes. Then there were the back-to-school nights where parents meet the teachers and go over the curriculum. New routines, schedules, and sports practices all made for a very busy fall season.

Now that both my sons are older and have graduated from school, I kind of miss those days. I can't believe mine are in the job market and one is in graduate school. This is the first semester in many years that I won't be dealing with these issues.

As a word of encouragement to those of you going through these times, hang in there. You, too, will get through the school years. Yes, it is busy, yes it is hectic, and yes, it was lonely sometimes as a single parent, but I am so thankful I to have had the experience of those years. Not only did my sons grow, but I did as well.

Life is like school, I have always said and isn't that so true?