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Journey to Faith
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Think on These Things

Have you ever thought about what you think about? Think about it for a minute. Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds in the course of one day. How many of them are we actually aware of?

That is why I find it important to meditate. Meditate you ask? Yes, meditate. Clear my mind of all the stuff that accumulates in there. Just like your closet, your mind needs to be decluttered regularly. Now some people have a problem with the word meditation. Like it's evil or something, but guess what? I heard this the other day and it really made sense to me.Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. Isn't that great?

Our minds need to be programmed just like our computers. To put it another way, in computer language, we say "GIGO - garbage in, garbage out."

What are you putting in your mind? Positive encouraging edifying thoughts or negativity, self-doubt and hatred? Catch yourself a couple of times a day and ask yourself, "What am I thinking about right now?" If you find yourself obsessing over something, you're expending useless energy. Stop and replace it with a prayer. Guaranteed to work. What we think about is a choice we can make. What will you choose today?