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Journey to Faith
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handling Adversity

How do you handle life's adversities? Do you grit your teeth and barrel through it? Do you run to friends and loved ones for a shoulder to cry on? Do you reach for a pill, a cigarette, a drink, or a Twinkie?

Well, there's a better way and that is the way of faith. Having faith is like having a secret power in your arsenal. Everyone has been given a seed of faith, but it is up to each of us to build that faith and make that seed grow. You might use the analogy of building muscles. The more we exercise and challenge our physical muscles the stronger they get. We need to strengthen our faith muscle in a similiar way.

How do we do that? By going through adversity.

You know that old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" right? Well, it's true. Adversity can make us stronger, depending on how we respond to it. The key is to build up our faith muscle BEFORE we actually need it. Just like we need to train our legs and muscles before the race or competition, we need to build up our faith before adversity strikes.

The good news is that building faith is no different than building strong muscles or achieving any other goal: decision, determination, and discipline. First, make a decision to have faith. Set your mind. Then, determine what steps you need to take, and thirdly, discipline yourself to follow those steps.

You will be amazed at the rewards of developing your faith - a stronger resilience to lifes' adversities, a calm and peaceful life, and a hopeful outlook on the future.