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Journey to Faith
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Monday, July 25, 2011

How Big is Your Faith?

Is it the size of a mustard seed? Bigger than a bread box? Or do you have great faith?

There are many examples of different amounts of faith in the Bible. Romans 12:3 says that everyone has been given a measure of faith. When Jesus healed the woman with the 12 year issue of blood he said to her "Take heart, daughter,your faith has healed you.” (Matt 9:22). He said the same thing after healing blind Bartimaeus (Luke 18:42). When the disciples were in the boat, the storm raging all around them, Jesus awoke and said to them "Oh ye of little faith" and then calmed the storm (Matthew 8:26). Jesus reply to the Cannanite woman with the demon-possessed daughter was: "Woman, you have great faith. Your request is granted." (Matthew 15:28)

Then of course we have Abraham who was so secure in his faith that he was willing to sacrifice his own son to God. These people were all at different stages of their faith and so are we.

So, again my question for you is "How big is your faith?" I would suggest that our faith is directly proportional to how big we think God is. Ponder that idea for a while and see if your faith increases. Have you put God in a box? Is there anything God cannot do? Would you like to have more faith?

We'll talk more about this next time; so until then, keep the faith and keep looking up!

Ariel Paz