Journey to Faith

Journey to Faith
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lessons from Biking

I love to ride my bike! As soon as I start moving, a feel an exhiliaration of sorts. I feel free! The air in my face, the speed of travel, and the beauty of the scenery all make for an enjoyable experience. I can lose myself in thought and get into the "zone". It's great.

Yesterday, however, was a different story. I decided to take a ride on the trail near my home. Biking helmet, gloves, & water bottle in hand, I was off for what I had expected to be a relaxing ride.

It turned out there was a race going on - a marathon perhaps - and the trail was full of runners, in addition to the regular die-hard biking groups, families with strollers, and people with dogs. It was not going to be quite the relaxing ride I had anticipated. In fact, it turned out to be more like navigating an obstacle course.

As I pedalled along, trying to keep a decent pace, avoid hitting anybody or running over someone's straying child, several thoughts occured to me that I thought I'd share. Perhaps you, too, have considered some of these.

1. Biking is like life. We're all on the path, and we're all going at different speeds.

2. There are a lot of obstacles, sometimes unexpected, to watch out for.

3. Staying safe is a top priority if I want to keep moving forward.

4. Remember to look ahead. Keep my eyes open for what is coming down the road.

5. Some people are in another world and not paying attention. Watch out for them too.

6. Despite all the distractions, listen and watch for what's really important.

7. Enjoy the moment!

All in all, it was a fun ride. The sounds of nature reminded me of the true pace of life. So next time you go biking, share some of your thoughts with us!

Until next time, keep moving forward and keep looking up!