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Journey to Faith
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

This is How It Feels To Be Free

How do you feel about your freedom this fourth of July? I am ecstatic! This past Monday I spoke at my church's Celebrate Recovery gathering. As I shared my story and  spoke about all the things I have been set free from over the years, I felt the familiar lump in my throat and tear in my eye. I have so much to be grateful for this holiday and so do you!

It was on July 4, 1776 that our founding fathers gathered to sign the declaration of  independence to free themselves and many others from British rule. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for the price they paid to loose themselves from bondage under England and to establish this great country.

As a woman who has traveled over much of the world and seen how others live, I appreciate the freedom and privileges I enjoy here in this country. I am in awe of the fact that by the grace and mercy of God, as a single parent I have achieved the life of my dreams and both my sons are independent, self-supporting godly men. Now that is something to celebrate!

But it's also about how I feel about being free. Freedom is about choice. Freedom of choice. I can choose how and where to worship - freedom of worship. I can choose to write these blog posts - freedom of speech. I can choose to protect myself - freedom to bear arms. I can choose what to commit to and what to run from. Freedom brings both privileges and responsibilities.

Living and feeling free requires me to take action. The founding fathers had a cause they believed in and were committed to and they took action. I must take action to free myself from emotional and spiritual bondage and to make my dreams a reality.  Living the life we dream of doesn't happen on it's own, right?

Do you feel free? Are you free? Are you living the life of your dreams? What or who are you committed to? What actions are you taking to see your dreams fulfilled?

Happy birthday, America and may God bless America always! Until next time, keep looking up!