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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Are You Speaking Your Mate's Love Language?

Who doesn't want to improve their close relationships? Healthy relationships thrive when there is good communication and that includes communicating love. What ways do you show love? More importantly, does the recipient actually feel loved? Are you speaking his or her love language?

In his book, "The Five Love Languages", Gary Chapman talks about the ways different people give and receive love. One way is through physical touch. This may be obvious to many, but others of us might not realize how important physical touch is. Perhaps we were not raised in a family where a lot of physical expression was displayed. Studies have shown that baby monkeys who are separated from their mothers at birth suffer severe problems. We all need physical touch in good amounts on a regular basis.

It could be as simple as putting a hand on someone's hand when they are distressed, or an arm around their shoulders when they are crying, or even a pat on the back to say "Well done". If a woman wants to get a man's attention when she's talking to him, she could try putting her hand on his arm lightly and then speaking. A man can console an emotional woman by simply taking her two hands in his and holding them. These are only a few examples of physical touch to express caring.

Hugging is another example. Just be sure it is done appropriately when hugging a woman and be sure there is not a jealous husband or boyfriend around. Hugging is a universal act between the sexes and it is a simple way to communicate affection.

As a single who lives alone, I've realized how much I miss hugging and physical connection with my family members.  Today, for example, I was at my doctor's office where I shared a quick synopsis of my personal story with her. When the visit ended, she gave me a hug. That simple act spoke mountains to me about her level of caring. I think by sharing my story, we connected in a deeper way.

If you have a lot of people around you and get hugged a lot, don't take it for granted. Be thankful. Take a moment to hug someone today who may not be as fortunate as you. Hugs are free but they can do a world of good to a lonely person and you may never know.

Next time, I will talk about the second love language. In the meantime, experiment with physical touch and see how people respond. You might be surprised!

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Until next time, keep looking up!