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Thursday, October 27, 2016

6 Ways to Combat Fear

Are you hooked on the evening news? Are you letting the latest story occupy your thoughts and your conversation? Are you forgoing living and enjoying life because of the latest round of world events? If so, you're not alone so read on.

Fear is contagious.
The media is full of bad news: acts of terrorism, stock market drops, the latest mass shooting or Hollywood scandal. People are going out to buy guns to protect themselves. Others are refusing to go out of the house. People seem to feed on bad news. Before you know it, that's what you'll talk about to your friends and family. You'll think about it at night and ever so slowly fear will permeate your mind. You will start making fear-based choices. I've heard several friends recently tell me they don't want to do things or go places because they are afraid. Fear begets fear. What we dwell on is what will manifest itself in our lives. So this post is dedicated to helping all of us conquer the enemy of fear because peace begins within.

First of all, let's realize one fact. No one knows when our last day on this earth will be. When it's our time to go, it's our time to go so why live in fear? Why let fear steal the joy from each precious day? When I used to teach yoga, I would tell my class, "Every day is a gift. That is why it's called the present". It is a perspective I choose to value each day and not take life for granted. We have a choice to live a fear-based life or a faith-based life. Fear sucks our energy and keeps us back from pursuing our goals and dreams. We tell ourselves things like "I'm too old", "I'm too uneducated", "I'm too undisciplined", "I'm to -----" you fill in the blank. These are all excuses that masquerade themselves as reality, when they are really fear dressed in disguise.

So how to counteract this pervasive thought process?

1. Realize we may have been programmed to think negatively.
Some of us, myself included, were raised in a negative environment. Our parents may have been worriers, fearful, unmotivated. Yet that doesn't have to be us. We are free to think and live differently from our parents. It is never too late to change our thinking.

2. Cultivate a positive mindset.
Begin to reprogram your mind. Start by reading positive literature. Write down affirming statements. I use those little yellow post it notes to remind myself of whatever way of thinking I'm working on changing. It takes time to cultivate a positive mindset but with diligence we will soon be thinking positively in every area of our lives.

3. Stop feeding our minds negativity.
Pay attention to what you are putting into your head. Listen to the words of the songs. Notice how much television you watch. What about the movies you see? All of this is input into our thinking. As we say in the IT field, GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. Just as we can feed computers by giving them good or bad data , our minds are like computers and whatever data we feed them, will eventually come out.

4. Develop self-confidence.
Know who you are. You are a child of God. You have power. You are fully equipped for your journey. Read positive books. Hang around people who are uplifting, growing, and encouraging. Listen to inspirational and motivational speakers. The more we listen to positive influences, the better self-image we will have of ourselves. You are wonderfully made. You are unique and a masterpiece. There is no one else like you. Don't try to be someone else. Be YOU!

5. Refuse to give up.
Life has its setbacks, that is for sure. But I like to look at these as opportunities to alter my course. Setbacks usually mean I need to change my thinking about something. When I change my thinking, then I can change my actions and I will have different results. Failure is not an excuse to give up. Failure motivates us to try a different approach. Look how many times Thomas Edison failed when he was trying to invent the light bulb.

6. Trust God.
God is for us. He has our back. Yes, bad things happen but God works stuff out for our good whether we realize it or not. God loves you and wants the best for you which means you should want that for yourself. Every day we have choices of whether to act in fear or in faith. I choose faith. Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Connect with someone you want to get to know. Don't let fear keep you from moving forward in your life and your relationships. God rewards faith. When He sees us stepping out of the boat, He will move on our behalf. We will see miracles happen. Obstacles will move out of our way and doors will open. When we see life through the eyes of faith, rather than fear, we will have more joy, more energy, and more motivation.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to conquer fear in your life. If you want more energy, see more progress in your life, and feel more alive, I encourage you to put some of these steps into practice. Love to hear your feedback here or on Facebook. If you'd like a copy of my free e-guide entitled "7 Steps to Finding Your Spiritual Path, enter your email address in the box provided and I'll get it right out to you.

Until next time, here's to living a more faith-filled life. Keep looking up!