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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three Steps to the Abundant Life You Want

What kind of life do you want? Have you envisioned what the perfect life would look like? Are you living and doing what you enjoy? Would you like a more abundant life?

No matter where you are in life or what country you live in, I believe people everywhere want the abundant life: a life full of happiness, abundance, provision, harmony, good health, and fulfillment. Don't you? Good news is there is a path to achieving the abundant life. It is doable. It is possible and it is achievable. Today, I am going to share with you the three-step process that is guaranteed to bring you the abundant life you desire.

The snow is falling fast and hard. A blizzard is forecast for this weekend and everyone is warned to stay off the roads. There is reason to be anxious, concerned, and perhaps even fearful. Yet, as I was putting the dishes away, I noticed I was singing and realized I was full of joy. The decisions that had been hanging over me this week had been made and I felt at peace once again. I looked around at my lovely, safe home as the snow tumbled down from the sky in white clumps. Country music was playing in the background. Get the picture?

We all have challenges we face. The key to living the abundant life has much to do with our perspective.  If you've read my book, "The Power of Faith", you know I've been through quite a lot and, like many of you, I'm still going through some tough stuff. Life will always have challenges and tough things to go through, but despite all of them, it is possible to live the abundant life. So here are three steps you can do to put yourself on the road to the abundant life.

1. Do the right thing.
The first step to living an abundant life is to do the right thing in every area of your life. We each have a conscience and we all know what the right thing to do is in most situations. There are sacred texts in every major religion or belief system that instruct followers how to live. Every day we are faced with situations and decisions, and it is up to us to do what is right. But we don't always do the right thing, do we? This is a problem and it will prevent us from living the abundant life. When we have a choice before us, one of the ways to determine the right thing is to notice which path is harder. The right thing is usually the harder thing. When we do the right thing, it will lead us into peace.

2. Live in peace.
There are a lot of things in this world that can steal our peace. Relationships can steal our peace. Unfair treatment can steal our peace.  Peace doesn't just happen on its own. We have to work towards peace and it has to be a joint effort with those around us. If we are overwhelmed, we need to set boundaries and learn to say no more often. If we are being treated poorly, same thing, set boundaries and confront the other person. As a child of an alcoholic father, there was no peace in our home. I learned that chaos was the norm and so I allowed that into my marriage and my relationships after that. It took me years to realize peace is a choice and also Peace is a key part of the abundant life.
I needed to stop allowing people and situations to steal my peace. When we achieve peace in our homes, in our hearts, and in our minds, then we will begin to experience that delicious feeling - Joy!

3. Be joyful.
First let me be clear. Joy is not the same thing as happiness. Happiness depends on our circumstances which may not always be pleasant, but we can still experience Joy. How? When we know we are doing the right thing, and we have peace in our hearts and minds, joy springs up like a bubbling geyser. Joy is that effervescence that exudes from us. I think of joy as a blessing God gives his children when they have done the right thing and are living in peace. Just look at some people's faces and you can tell whether or not they are joyful. Joy does not come and go like happiness. Joy is a constant in the life of someone who has developed the power of Faith in their lives. Despite rough circumstances, we can still have joy because we know and trust Who is really in control of our lives. We can trust that God has a plan for our lives and although the plot may twist and turn, the ending will be good.

So there you have them: the three steps to living the abundant life. The kingdom of heaven is here. All we have to do is follow these three steps and most importantly - BELIEVE - that it is possible for each of us to enjoy it.

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Stay tuned for next month's posts as I'll share with you the second step to Igniting the Power Within and discovering your destiny.

Until next time, keep looking up!