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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ignite the Power Within Step 4: 5 Steps to the Life You Dream Of

Everyone has dreams. Some dream of becoming super rich. Others dream of marrying the love of their life or traveling the world. Each person has dreams and visions inside them. The trick is in making them a reality. We can't just sit back and wait for things to happen. If we want to see our dreams come true, there are a few steps we can and must take to make them a reality. Today I am sharing 5 steps that I've used to help me see some of my dreams come true so you can apply them to your life.

1. Get really clear on what you want
 This first step is vitally important. What happens when we're not super clear is we get what we want, but then we're not happy with it. Get really clear means evaluating your priorities - what is of utmost importance to you. These are called "values". What do you value most? A relationship? Freedom? Financial success? Pleasure? Keep in mind values sometimes change over time, so try to focus on the long-term values. Ask yourself "Will I be happy with this in 5 or 10 years?"

2. Visualize what you want
Once you are crystal clear on what is truly important to you, then try to form a detailed mental picture of whatever is. The clearer we are on our desires, the less time we will spend later on evaluating options. For example, for years I had wanted to move to a condo but I never visualized the specifics of it. When the opportunity came to purchase one, I was not very clear on what I wanted so I spent a lot of time looking around at other places until I became very clear on exactly what I wanted in my new home such as a covered garage, a pool, and a gas range. It wasn't until I was clear that I realized the first place I looked at had exactly those requirements.

3. Talk to God About It
Prayer is paramount to seeing our dreams come true. God wants to give us the desires of our heart, but not at the expense of our character. Contrary to popular books such as "The Law of Attraction", simply thinking about "attracting" things into our lives won't work. God is the giver of all good things. He knows what is best for us and the timing of bringing things into our lives. As a single, I have been attracted to certain types of men, usually the unhealthy kind. After several broken hearts, I learned to pray this prayer early on: "Lord, if this person is not good for me, please make it very clear quickly" and He would.

4. Make a plan
Dreams take effort. If you want a good paying job, you need to go to college. If you want to be fit, you need to exercise. If you want to get out of debt, you need to make a budget and track your expenses. You get the idea. Plans turn dreams into realities. If we are diligent in doing what we can, God is faithful to do what we can't. Keep in mind not all plans succeed. If one plan doesn't work, don't give up, make another plan. Try something else. There is always another approach.

5. Take the first step
The first step is typically the hardest. I think this is because human nature has a tendency to procrastinate, otherwise known as laziness. We make excuses to put things off that we say we want. Often it takes a serious event such as a heart attack or illness to get us to address our fitness level and eating habits. Financial disaster can motivate us to look deeper into our finances.

Don't let fear can keep you from seeing your dreams come true. We must be willing to take the first step: sign up for classes, put together a resume, write the first page. Once we start moving, the path will become clear. We don't have to have the entire process mapped out from A to Z. From my experience, the next step is often revealed after I take the first one. I can trust the process.

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