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Journey to Faith
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ignite the Power Within Step 4: Does Your Life Need an Alignment?

Ever notice your car veering off to one side of the road?  Even though you want to go straight, your car is pulling in another direction. This usually indicates your car is in need of a front-end alignment.

In a similar way, life can get out of alignment. Other people, too many activities and even our own thoughts can be distractions and cause us to veer off course. If we want to stay on track and see our goals and dreams come true, every area of our life needs to be working together. What I think, say, and do all need to be congruent; that is, in alignment. Here are three keys to getting back on track.

1. Pay attention to frustration and overwhelm
There are  many things that vie for our time and energy. People and activities pull us in different directions and it is very easy to get side-tracked from where we really want to go or who we want to be in life. Frustration can be a signal to us that we are "off-course". We want to lose weight but we neglect going to the gym. We want to have a deeper relationships but we don't make time for them. Result? Frustration.

Feeling overwhelmed can also be a sign we are off-course. It means we have taken on too much and we probably aren't focusing on what really matters to us. Life is all about choices and we only have 24 hours in a day, so it's up to us to choose how to use those 24 hours.

When I find myself feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, I know it is time to for a "front-end" alignment; time to check and see if my habits, choices, and activities all line up with my goals and values.

2. Keep my actions in sync with my goals 
For example, if we want to lose weight, and then say "I'll start my diet next week" and next week gets pushed into the week after and so on.  If one area is out of balance, our direction will be skewed. Say I want to get my financial house in order, but I continue to spend more than I should on impulsive purchases.  My actions are not in alignment with what I say I want - to get my finances under control. Or maybe I desire a deeper relationship with a loved one, but I work late every night of the week - not congruent.

3. Check in with God 
In the same way, if we want God's best for our lives, it is important to check in with Him on a regular basis. This is why Faith is so important. Faith believes that God is guiding me and that when I spend time with Him, He will show me what's really important, what needs to go, and what changes I need to make. We need to make time for solitude so we can hear that still small voice that is guiding us. Then it's up to me to cooperate and take action.

So, friends, is it time for a "front-end alignment" in your life? Have you veered off course from what truly matters to you? If so, it's not to late to get back on track.

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