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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ignite the Power Within: Step 5 Regain Trust

Are you worried about the future? Doubtful about your decisions? Your relationships? If so, this month we are going to talk about the foundational building block to every relationship both personal and business. This step is key to moving forward in life and without it, we are destined to stay mired in our tracks.

How we learn trust:
In a perfect world, we learn trust in our family of origin. The father is reliable and strong, able to shield his children from harm and provide for them. The mom is supportive, empathetic and nurturing. Trust is modeled for us and we become trusting ourselves. Somewhere along the line, however, we get hurt. Someone betrays us, disappoints us, or lets us down and we lose trust.

Most of us weren't raised in a perfect family. If we were in a dysfunctional environment, as many of us were, we did not learn to trust. Perhaps we had an alcoholic parent, like I did, and as a  small child I had to worry about whether the rent was going to be paid that month or when my parents would have their next blowout fight. We learned to fear instead of trust. 

Part of healing is to be able to trust again. It is a slow process but it is possible if we are willing to be vulnerable and we have learned good boundaries.Trust involves not only trusting others, but also trusting ourselves and ultimately, trusting God.

Why trust again?
Why should I expose myself again, you may ask? Why should I risk being hurt? Good question.
The answer is because it is impossible to move forward in life without regaining trust. If we don't trust ourselves, we will always doubt our decisions and hold back from taking life by the horns. As a former timid soul, I learned timidity does not serve anyone. Life will beat us up if we let it, so we must learn to be bold and stand our ground.

If we don't trust others, we will live isolated, lonely lives and continue to attract untrustworthy people. We receive what we expect. We learn to trust others by slowly giving them opportunities to prove themselves trustworthy. When someone hurts us they need to not only apologize, but show us they have changed so they can be trusted again.

It is important to realize we are not the person we were in the past. Painful situations help us to learn and to grow. We know what to watch out for - the red flags - as soon as they appear. We learn about manipulative tactics, lies, and masks. We learn to set healthy boundaries and say no to things that are not good for us. When we get to the point where we can trust others, we are then ready to take the next step, and that is to trust God.

God is not out to get us. He is a good Father. If you're like me and didn't have a reliable father, this may be a foreign concept, but God is trustworthy. He is always there and he keeps his word. God can be trusted. If we refuse to trust Him, we will develop a victim mentality and believe the lie that the universe is against us. We will continue to live anxious, fearful lives. This mindset will block the many blessings destined for us.

Benefits of learning to trust
The more we learn to trust, the less anxiety we will experience. We will not bear the pressure of having to figure everything out all the time. We will lose the need to control situations and we will feel more secure in our daily lives. When we realize God, who lives in each of us, is guiding us, we will stop second-guessing ourselves. We will feel more confident in our decisions and we will be empowered to step out and try new things. When we learn to trust, trustworthy people will begin to show up in our lives and we will recognize when it is time to let some relationships go.

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