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Journey to Faith
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Raised Me Up

As I nailed my list of burdens to the cross at church on Good Friday, the impact of what Jesus did for me on the cross pierced my heart and tears of grief and sadness welled up in my eyes.

Yet, though the cross was a dark and hopeless place, joy comes in knowing that Jesus did not stay there. As the women approached the tomb, they saw the stone was rolled away and Jesus' body was gone. "He has risen" they were told by the angels. Indeed, what Jesus had told them had come true. The women's grief was replaced by unspeakable joy.

Once again I am reminded that the promises of God are true. Jesus is alive and He has conquered the grave as well as the darkness that often pervades our souls. His Resurrection power is available to each of us who believe in Him. This season Jesus healed me of an unexplainable sickness and brought me into a greater revelation of who He is.

Whatever dark and hopeless place you may be going through, remember that Jesus has a purpose for it and He will raise you up as well. Rejoice and be glad, for Christ is Risen!