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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ignite the Power Within Step 4: How to Enjoy Life While Waiting on Your Dreams

We all have goals and dreams we want to see come true, situations or people we want to see change. Sometimes, they take longer than we'd like to materialize. In this month's Ignite the Power Within series, we're talking about making our dreams a reality by never giving up. But what to do in the meantime while we're waiting?  Today, I'm sharing 3 techniques to not only make the waiting easier, but to keep you full of  joy in the meantime.

So, what is it that you have been waiting for? A boyfriend or girlfriend?  A new job?  A baby perhaps? Maybe you're waiting for your business to take off, to get that promotion you've covetted or to finally retire from the whole grind. Most people are waiting for something. Life has seasons of waiting and sometimes they can be pretty long. As I explained to my youngest, who has been job hunting for several months, waiting is a big part of life. The key to not giving up is to learn how to wait.

Over the years, I have learned there are a few techniques that help during my periods of waiting so here there are:

1. Wait in EXPECTANCY.
In other words, we need to have faith  and  believe that what we are waiting for is going to come our way.  This attitude is a requirement to receiving. If I doubt, I slow down or pretty much cancel the flow of good things into my life.

2. Learn to SURRENDER
Secondly, and I know this might seem counter-intuitive, but it is true, I must surrender or let go of the desire for whatever it is I am waiting for. When we want something we tend to think or talk about it constantly. This is known as obsessing and is NOT conducive to receiving because we have made whatever it is an idol. 

For example, if I am waiting for a boyfriend, let's say. And every time I go out, I size up every male that walks by and worry about how I look. This behavior falls into the obsessing category. I know many women who do this. Their entire conversation consists of talking about this or that guy. By surrendering my desires, I am saying, in effect, "Lord, I trust that you know what is best for me. I trust you to bring good things into my life in Your perfect timing and I will be content in the meantime and happy with what I have in my life today."

3. Live to SERVE. 
 I can't just sit back and bemoan my state. No one likes complainers or whiners, not even God, as evidenced by the Israelites who never made it to the Promised Land because of their griping. We have to get out there and do something of service to help other people. To paraphrase Christian author and speaker Zig Ziglar, "If you help enough people get what they want, God will make sure you get what you want".  This is a philosophy I adhere to and one of the reasons I write this blog.

I hope these techniques give you some ideas on how to enjoy your life while you wait and work on your dreams. Write and share with me what you are waiting for and what you are doing while you are waiting.

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Stay tuned for more practical advice on making your life the one you dream of.

In the meantime, keep looking up!