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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Live a Life You'll Love

Do you often wish your life was different?  Do you envy friends who seem to have it better off than you do? Do you ruminate about your problems and compare your life to other people's? I think we all do at times. It's normal, but not productive and certainly does not contribute to our joy. There is something we can do to improve our lives and feel more joyful and today we are going to talk about what that is.

Life can be tough, no doubt about it. The challenges we face can seem unending, but the good news is the challenges are meant for our good. There is always a lesson to be learned to help us grow and come up higher. This is a fact of life. The key is how we view the challenges we face.

But we have to do our part. Here's an analogy to communicate my point here.

Most of my friends know that I love to dance. It's fun, good exercise, and a great stress relief at the end of a long work week. However, I am particular where I go to dance. I want to hear a band that plays good music I want to dance to. They have to put some effort into it, ya know what I mean? It's just not worth it to get all dressed, put makeup on, drive, and pay money to go listen to some band play a bunch of songs that don't move me.  I want to be MOVED! Good music comes from putting forth effort!

Let me give you another example from daily life - house cleaning. When I was working, I used to hire people to clean my house. I remember one woman said to me "Well, I don't clean microwaves." I wanted to ask her "Is that not part of the kitchen?" but I kept my mouth shut.

I don't think my expectations are unrealistic. Life requires effort for things to turn out well. Why do you think people have bought Japanese products for so many years? What makes a good restaurant last? Good quality and good service, right?

In the same way, as children of God, we should be people of excellence and quality. Whatever we are doing, we need to do it with excellence. God rewards excellence. Now, I am not saying we need to be perfect, but we should try to do our best. We are not supposed to settle for mediocrity, make excuses, or do anything half-way. We should be whole-hearted in whatever we commit to. This is how you achieve a better life. After all, God gave us His best - his son Jesus Christ.

We are ambassadors. An ambassador is a representative. When people look at my life, I want them to be see what Jesus has done for me - his blessings, his faithfulness, his mercy, his peace, his healing, his forgiveness. We are to reflect the personhood of Jesus Christ.

If we want to enjoy a life of excellence, we have to put effort - effort on our jobs, effort to stay in shape, effort to be kind, effort to improve our relationships. Excellence is not for the faint-hearted or the undisciplined. Excellence is for those who really want it. If we want God's best, then we must be willing to give him OUR best. God rewards faith, effort, and obedience.

In fact, there is a spiritual principle behind this concept.  "You reap what you sow" (Gal 6:7). It is a universal principle that we can choose to ignore, but nonetheless, the results will always hold true.

So if you are bemoaning the state of your life, perhaps it's time to do a little self-reflection. Do you want a better life? If so, what kind of standards have you set for yourself? Are you putting your best effort forth to do what it takes to see results?

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord."(Col 3:23)

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Until next time, keep looking up!

Ariel Paz

Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to Discover Your Destiny - Part 2

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe there is a purpose for your life? Greater than anything you could imagine?

Last time we talked about finding our purpose, our destiny. Now you may not believe in destiny and that's okay. Consider this. We are not here by some random accident. There is a grand plan and we each have a part in it. We will never be truly fulfilled until we find out what that part is. We may not understand how all the pieces fit together, but we don't have to. All we have to do is cooperate and do our part.

Once we discover the gifts we each have been given and find some way to serve others using these gifts, then what? Then we relax and enjoy the ride. We don't have to worry about how things are going to turn out. There will be an ease, a flow in what we do. We will know we have found our purpose when there is no struggle and we do not feel drained at the end of the day. We can rest (trust)  in the knowing that we are fulfilling God's plan for our lives. This is where joy is found, by being in the present moment. Where time is non-existent and we are immersed in the activity.

Next we have to be fully focused on our purpose,  fully engaged, committed. To do our job - our service - whole-heartedly. If we are only half-committed we will only be half-successful. This is why it is important to identify what it is we feel called to do in this one life of ours.

When I was working in IT, I never felt a sense of fulfillment. Yes, I got awards, recognition at times, but never an inner satisfaction. So I did other things outside of my job like teaching dancing, aerobics and yoga. You, too, may be in a job that is not fulfilling. It is important to understand that we may not have reached the point of our destiny yet. I believe we have to be healed from our emotional wounds before we can move into our destiny which means there are lessons our soul needs to learn.

When we have learned the lessons in a particular situation, then God can advance us to the next level and the next lesson.  This is a process that takes time and it depends on whether or not we learn the lesson before us. Even when we are not feeling fulfilled, we must still be fully committed and do our best in the position we are in. Then we will move forward.

But wait. There is one more thing we must - absolutely MUST do if we want to enjoy this journey. And that is to let go of the outcome. You know. Making a million dollars. Becoming a best-seller. Discovering the cure for cancer. Finding a mate. Let go of the outcome. It is not up to us to determine the outcome. It is only up to us to show up and do our part. Day in and day out. Year in and year out. It's called being faithful. And above all, do it with joy. We must learn to be content, as author Iyanla Vanzant says, "in the meantime".

If we are so focused on the outcome, we cannot be fully present in the moment. How many Twitter followers do I have? How many books have I sold? How many sales have I made today? Forget it. I know this runs contrary to popular philosophy but worry and ego - which is what it is - steal the joy from the present moment. They keep us from being our best, most creative, and present selves.

This is where Faith comes in. You knew I'd fit this in somewhere, didn't you? Faith is the key to miracles, success, healing, joy and ultimately our destiny. We must be willing to step out of the boat and take that leap of Faith regardless of whether we see the path clearly in front of us or not. We do not have to have it all mapped out. All we have to do is take that next step. God rewards Faith. Remember the story of Abraham and Isaac? Well, then. I rest my case.

What dream burns in your bosom? What gifts would you like to share with the world? What problem would you like to help solve? We are never too old to pursue our purpose so don't give me that "I'm too old to discover my destiny" baloney. You are reading this because this is exactly your time.

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Stay tuned for more positive and practical wisdom to help you find healing, wholeness, harmony and health!

Until next time, keep looking UP!

Ariel Paz 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Discover Your Destiny - Part 1

Do you ever wonder why you were put on this earth? What your purpose in life is? Perhaps you are stuck in a nowhere job like I was for years, working to pay the bills and support my family, but inside empty and unfulfilled. We each have a destiny and a purpose, but sometimes it takes years for us to figure out what it is. Today's post is about helping you find your destiny and living the fulfilling life you deserve. So let's dig in...

What makes you happy? Going on a nice trip or vacation? Engaging in your favorite hobby, pastime, or sport? Being recognized at work? Sure these all might be enjoyable for the moment, but what I'm asking is what really makes you happy down deep inside? Ever think about that?

Sadly, many never stop to think about such things until disaster strikes and gets their attention. When we realize that everything we have worked so hard for could be wiped out in a matter of minutes, the light bulb goes on and we stop and think. Is this lifestyle really making me happy?

Life is tenuous. It can be snuffed out in an instant. If your life is not making you happy, change it. You have the power and the ability to change whatever you wish. Life is too short to be miserable. Don't settle for the victim woe-is-me mentality.

Here in Maryland we had two tornedo threats this past week. Now tornedos are not something we usually see in Maryland, so it was "an event". As I watched the ominous dark clouds move like the pestilence over my house, I contemplated my life. Life as I know it could be taken out just like that except for the grace and mercy of God.

We all have gifts and talents to offer the world.
I came to the conclusion that what really makes me happy  is what I'm doing now - writing to encourage others. It is my way of giving back and contributing to the world. I hope many people are reading these posts and that I am impacting their lives, but if only one person is encouraged, inspired, or touched then it is worth all my time and effort. It is my offering, so to speak. We all have something we can offer to the world.

Sometimes, our destiny does not unroll like a tapestry before us. We have to be prepared to walk in our purpose. Our lives often veer in another direction before circling back. Not to fret. Everything is for our good and for our growth. Our gifts, like my writing, may lie dormant for years, and then, suddenly appear. We develop a passion for something and it drives us forward. It is our time.

I never had a clue that I would become a writer, create a blog, and publish my own books. I remember getting a 'C' on an English paper in college and was mortified. Who would have thought I would become a writer years later?

When we get quiet and listen to our inner voice, we gain insight into what we would really like to do, what goals we would like to achieve, and who we would like to become.  Put your gifts to use in some way and they will lead you to your purpose and your destiny.

We are meant to be of service. 
Becoming aware of our unique gifts is the beginning. The next step is to find a way to use them to help or serve others in some way. We are each put here for a purpose and that is to help the world. We find a deep sense of connection, gratitude, and purpose which I believe are the keys to personal happiness and fulfillment.

So again, I ask you - are you happy now? If not, what would make you truly and deeply happy? It might not be clear at first, but take some time to be quiet and the answers will come. They may not be what you expect, so be prepared and be brave. Following that inner voice takes courage and persistence.

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Stay tuned for more positive and practical insights to help us all find healing, wholeness, health, and harmony. Until next time, I wish you true happiness and as always,

Keep looking up!

Ariel Paz

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

4 Keys to Enjoying More Peace

How often do you feel stressed? Caught up worrying about problems? Relationships? Agonizing over decisions? We all battle this foe of our serenity and I, for one, am constantly working on having more peace and less stress in my life. We each react differently to stressors and have different tolerances for stress so today, I am going to share with you what I have learned, how to identify the causes of stress, and what to do about them. Not that I have this all down pat myself, but hey, we are all a work in progress.

Stress comes in many forms and it's important to learn to recognize what stresses us out so we can nip it in the bud and keep our joy and our peace. The longer we let things percolate, the more stress we will feel. We need to deal with stressors as soon as we are aware of them. If you are a highly sensitive person, like me, we are affected more deeply by the daily stressors of life such as noise, crowds, bright lights, and drama.

The effects of our childhood upbringing:
As a child of an alcoholic who couldn't keep a job, and who moved our family 31 times, my childhood was very chaotic and out of control. I've had to deal with the effects of being raised in that environment all my life. When we are brought up with drama and turmoil, we tend to gravitate towards that kind of environment as adults because it feels familiar to us, in an unhealthy kind of way. It is important to realize this fact and make a conscious effort NOT to seek out or tolerate drama.

Physical Effects of Stress:
Stress manifests itself in various ways in our bodies. Do you come down with the flu or winter cold every year? Do you have recurring sinus infections, headaches or migraines? Perhaps you can't control your eating urges or other appetites.  Recurring back pain can also be a stress response. In periods of high stress, we tend to revert back to our destructive addictive behaviors.

These are all warning signs of too much stress. I would venture to say stress, in its many forms, is the root cause of most illness and greatly contributes to addictive behaviors and personality disorders.

Causes of Stress:
Stress comes in a variety of forms but I think it is pretty safe to say one of the main causes of stress is other people. We cannot all seclude ourselves off from the human race, but we can learn healthier coping mechanisms and how to set better boundaries.

People will be people and if we want to live in peace and harmony, we must be the ones to adapt. You know the phrase "Survival of the fittest". Only those who adapt, will survive. Over the years, I have come to some realizations that help me say NO to stress from other people, so today I'm sharing three of them with you.

1) Realize you are not a garbage can. 
I'm all for sharing and listening to people from time to time. In fact, I've been told many times that I am a good listener. People feel comfortable sharing their innermost feelings with me. I'm all for friends giving each other advice and being there for each other during the tough times. Sharing promotes intimacy and connection but there is a line. When someone regularly calls you to dump their stuff and their stress on you, something is wrong. Here is a personal example.

I have a long-time friend who, for some reason,  has the need to vent all her frustrations to me as soon as we get together. This same friend will call me up and go on for 20 minutes or more without taking a breath. I know because I have timed her. I have maintained a friendship with her for many years, but have come to realize, I don't have the bandwidth to listen to all that every time we talk. Healthy communication is a dialogue, not a monologue. One of my other friends calls this a "data dump".

I've learned I have to set boundaries with my exposure to her. One time I mentioned I was not able to listen to her venting, and her response was "Are you stressed?" She was the one who was stressed and she didn't even realize it. I'm sure she felt better after unloading all her emotional baggage on me, but taking in someone else's negative emotions is both unhealthy and draining for the listener. Negative emotions are transferable and we have to protect ourselves if we want to maintain our energy and our peace.

One of the signs you can identify an energy-sucking peace-stealer is by the tone and volume of their voice. If they are worked up and irritated,  they are dumping their negative energy on you and you will end up exhausted and depleted. Ask them to calm down and lower their voice; try to change the subject or else, get off the phone or walk away.

2) Realize you are not responsible for other people's financial problems. 
Money is a huge stressor in relationships. Again, I am all for helping other people. I consider myself a very generous person, but at times, I feel taken advantage of . This causes me to feel very stressed as I come from a home where, as a child, I had to worry about whether or not the rent would be paid or the lights would be turned off again. People are so wound up trying to figure out how to get their needs met, they don't bother to think about how their actions affect you. This behavior comes in many forms but today we'll talk about financial needs.

People ask you to loan them money. They get themselves into a financial mess and then they expect you to bail them out. NO! You and I are not responsible for other people's poor financial decisions and that goes for husbands, wives, sons and daughters as well as "friends".

My ex-husband did this to me several times. He always wanted to start some new business venture, and wanted me to take money out of my retirement savings to fund his exploits. This was a tough place to be because we were husband and wife and I felt obligated to go along with him. Eventually the financial fiascos caused so much tension in our relationship, we ended up in bankruptcy and divorce court. There was a lesson to be learned here.

God and life will continue to present us with the same lessons over and over until we learn to handle them in a better way - in a way that respects ourselves. After my divorce, another dear relative came to me for money for his business - to the tune of $5,000. Since I was emotionally connected to this person, I agonized over the decision which caused me undue stress which as a single-parent, I did not need. I finally said "No".  Again, this person was looking out for their own needs and sugar-coated the request with pretty promises. As it turned out, if I had said "Yes" to this person, I would have lost my savings and not  had the down payment I soon needed to retain my new condo.

Apparently I still had not learned the lesson. Recently, I had an even closer relative come to me for money. I agonized over this decision for weeks and ended up with a migraine.  This time it dawned on me. If I have to agonize over a decision, if it is not an immediate "YES", it is not the right thing to do. It is a peace-stealer. Say NO right off the bat, keep the stress at bay, and keep my health and my peace!

3) Realize you are not responsible for someone else's happiness. 
As Abraham Lincoln once said "Folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be".  Happiness is a choice we each make every day. When I get up in the morning, I repeat the verse "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it" (Ps. 118:24). This helps me start the day on a thankful and positive note.

If you are living with someone who is unhappy, realize it is their problem, not yours. Don't let false guilt steal your peace and joy. It is very draining to try to keep someone else happy who refuses to keep themselves happy. It takes enough energy to keep ourselves happy and we are only responsible for our own happiness, not our spouse, not our kids, not our parents. Each person is responsible for their own choices and their own happiness in this life.

Some people use their unhappiness as a way to get attention. After all, negative attention is better than no attention at all. I have someone who is constantly complaining to me - about everything. She is miserable and unhappy. I have learned even though I care for this person, I cannot make her happy and have told her so. I put the monkey back where it belonged - on her shoulders.

Realize these types of people are needy and trying to get their needs met from you instead of taking responsibility for themselves.  Make sure you're not one of them.

4)  Give the situation and the person to God. 
This is where God comes into the picture. Only God can carry the weight of the world. It does not belong on your shoulders or mine. We each have to learn to talk to God about our problems. 1 Peter says this "Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you." God is always there to listen so spend more time talking to him and less time venting to your friends.

Okay, so there you have 4 keys to enjoying more peace on a daily basis. These are practical steps you can take to enjoy more peace in your everyday life. Who in your life is draining? Who likes to dump on you? Who is negative? When was the last time you talked to God?

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Stay tuned for more on igniting the power within and discovering YOUR DESTINY!

Until next time, keep looking up!

Ariel Paz

Thursday, August 2, 2018

What to Do About the Difficult Person in Your Life

Is there someone in your life with whom you just can't seem to get along? It could be a coworker, a boss, or even a close family member. We all have someone that is a challenge to get along with so today we are going to talk about how to manage that relationship and still keep your peace. 

First, it is important to realize this: that difficult person is in your life for a reason. There is a lesson your soul needs to learn and they are the teacher. When we run away from difficult people, before we learn the lesson, be sure that life will serve us up someone else to help us learn the very same lesson. 

So, what to do after an argument or conflict?

1. Get your emotions under control. 
Nothing good is accomplished in the heat of the moment. When our emotions are all fired up, logic goes out the door. We need to see clearly what is going on when the fog of the frustration and anger has cleared. 

2. Take a step back. 
Rather than continue to fight it out with our egos and our pride, the next thing is to take a step back. Realize sometimes relationships have to go backwards before they can go forwards because we are all human and the stresses of life cause us to resort to our old patterns of behavior. 

3. Think about your part in the problem. 
We all like to point the finger of blame at the other person. Why? Because of our egos. We don't want to accept responsibility for any wrong-doing, but as I often remind myself,  there are always two sides to any story. Ask yourself what could you have done differently. One of my problems is I am too nice and eager to please. Often, if I had just listened to my gut, I would have said no and probably avoided the problem in the first place. 

Here's a recent story that happened when I failed to say "No" to my oldest son. Mother's Day was approaching. He asked me what I wanted to do and told me his expectant wife was unable to go out of the house. I wanted to do something fun but instead, capitulated and said okay and I agreed to drive over to his house on the other side of town. I could feel the tension in our conversations in the weeks preceding but was hopeful everything would work out. I was dead wrong. Spare you all the details, but it took me over 50 minutes in the pouring rain and heavy traffic to get to his house. He was waiting for me to go pick up the carryout, and said I couldn't stay in the house alone when I wanted to relax after the exhausting drive. Right there something was fishy. My gut was telling me to say "No, don't go over there" that very morning, but I ignored it. What I should have said was "Sounds like you are not up to celebrating Mother's Day today, let's make it another day". My peace of mind would have thanked me and it would have prevented the migraine I had the next day. If only....

4. Say your peace
After we have calmed down, and thought about our part of the problem, it is time to try to resolve the issue with the other person. It takes two people to want to resolve problems and sometimes, the other party doesn't want to resolve it. Go ahead anyway and say your peace, be it by phone or email. I prefer in person talks. Communicate your feelings to the other person. Avoid using blame terms such as "You did this...". Use " I feel (name the emotion)" sentences. This gets to the root of how you are feeling so that the other person can understand. Now, if you are dealing with someone with narcissistic tendencies, this might not get through, but at least you will have gotten it out. 

Another thing we can do is to suggest solutions to prevent the problem from happening again. Life is a live-and-learn arena. Holidays can be especially stressful and they will not always turn out the way we would like. Adjust, accept and move on. 

5. Give them to God.
If the other person refuses to address the situation, this is unhealthy for the relationship. It is also out of your control. In this case, once you have confronted the issue, expressed your feelings and taken responsibility for your part, it is time to give it to God. In other words, you have done all you can, and it is now up to God to work on the other person. We never know how long this might take, but if we want peace of mind, we must stop ruminating on the problem and trust that God will work it out when it is appropriate. Go on living and enjoying your life and don't give any more energy to a negative situation. 

So there you have them: 5 steps to dealing with a difficult person. I hope this personal post has given you some insight into how to deal with the people in our lives. If so, please join our blog community and enter your email address in the box provided. You'll receive my bi-weekly encouraging and educational posts as well as my free e-guide entitled "7 Steps to Finding Your Spiritual Path". 

Stay tuned for more positive, practical, and powerful wisdom to help you ignite the power within and discover YOUR destiny!
Until next time, 

Keep looking up!
Ariel Paz 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Quick & Easy Watermelon & Feta Salad

Summer is here and so are the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. Since I am committed to encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle, today I am sharing a refreshing and easy salad idea to enjoy with your picnics and summer time meals. 

Here's what you need: (Adjust amounts depending on how much you want to make)

1/2 seedless watermelon, rind removed
1- 2 large cucumbers
12 oz crumbled feta cheese or queso blanco
3 tbsps olive oil
juice of 2 limes 
1 bunch spring onions
1/2 tbsp tarragon or your favorite herb

Dice watermelon. Peel and dice cucumber. Wash, then chop green onions. Mix in your favorite large salad bowl. Add cheese, olive oil, and lime juice. Add tarragon to taste. Serve chilled as a side with salmon, burgers, or all by itself.

Give it a try at your next summer get together and let me know how you like it.

For more healthy and delicious recipes and ideas, click on this link to visit my Pinterest page.

Until next time, stay tuned for more on healing, wholeness, health, and harmony.

Keep looking up!

Ariel Paz

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ignite the Power Within Step 4: 3 Keys to Getting What You Want From Life

Are you getting what you want from life?  Are you seeing your goals and dreams come true? Or do you feel like it's never going to happen for you and time is just going by? Today I am going to share with you the fourth step to igniting the power within and fulfilling your destiny.

Sadly, many people waste years of their lives waiting for stuff to happen. They think life owes them a living and things are just going to magically fall into their lap without them putting forth any effort whatsoever. Sorry, but this is not how life works, for the most part.

This  entitlement attitude is not based on reality. The reality is we are not entitled to anything. We've heard the old adage "You reap what you sow,"  right? This is a principle of life. We have to put forth effort to make our lives a success, to fashion a life we will be happy with, and to change what needs to be changed in order to see our goals and dreams come true. This goes for every area of our lives: our health, our relationships, our finances, and our futures.

Every day is an opportunity to move forward and it is up to us to glean from each day. If we want to see progress, we need to work dutifully and diligently towards our goals. We need to be clear about what will make us happy in the long-term. If we don't, five years from now we will still be where we are today.

The fourth step to igniting the power within is a 3-pronged approach which involves learning to ask, seek, and knock.

1. Overcome the fear of asking 
Some of us have a bit of trouble asking for what we want, be it from God or some human being. The first part of this process is to overcome the fear of asking. For many years, it was hard for me to ask for what I wanted. I was afraid to speak up. Then I realized this timidity was not working for me. I needed to be more assertive and ask for what I wanted and needed both from people and from God.

Singles, in particular, struggle with this. How many times does a guy pass up an opportunity to go out on a date with a pretty girl simply because he's afraid to ask her out? Or a relationship breaks up because one person doesn't speak up for their needs? If we are unhappy in a relationship, we expect the other person to be a mind-reader. If we are unfulfilled in our job, we expect our boss to promote us. We have to to learn to ask.

Our spouse is not a mind-reader nor is our boss. The pretty girl is not a mind-reader either. If we are unhappy with our lives, it us up to us to take the first step and ask ourselves what we need and then ask others and God for what we want.

2. Make the effort to seek.
Problems are often difficult to solve and if we want to find the answer, we need to be diligent in doing our part to find a solution. We can't just sit back and expect things to resolve on their own or worse, sweep them under the rug and pretend there is no problem. Or expect someone else to solve our problem for us.

If you're having relationship problems, go to a counselor or two or three, till you find one that helps. If you want to buy a house, you go house hunting on your free time.  Same thing goes for finding a spouse. We might have to kiss quite a few frogs before we find Prince Charming. If you need income, go look for a job. We in America live in the land of opportunity.

3. Keep knocking. 
This means exploring different options till we find the right one. This applies to relationships, jobs, and our health. People in sales know this. Job-seekers know this. Successful people know this.  If one approach does not work, try something new. We learn that each closed door brings us one step closer but eventually a door will open to new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and answers to prayer. 

This 3-pronged approach is a fundamental principle to igniting the power we each have within us.  When we master this process, we will move past obstacles that have kept us stuck.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of implementing this principle on a daily basis. Too many people try for while and then give up. No! We have to keep at it. This practice  develops perseverance and determination. It strengthens our character as well as well as our backbone. If we want to see changes in our lives, we must be willing to persevere, even when we don't see anything happening. 

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Until next time, keep looking up!

Ariel Paz